Gaming | Community
Enjoy this server, fam! We host fun gamenights, we have strict moderation, and a non-toxic community 24/7! (Or atleast we try to keep people from being toxic.) Yo. Join to be cool, man. -Desirative, the owna'.
Community | Social
Poon Slayers is a Discord server mainly focused on game nights. We are all here to joke around due to the fact our main game is Cards Against Humanity.
Community | Entertainment
chill house is a community server were you can get new friends, interact, communicate, and socialize with others, we will also do events like chill house's got talent and we do giveaways too! we have cool staff and cool people, come and feel free to join
Gaming | YouTuber
Gaming server mainly about GoldenEye and N64. Made for my YouTube community, but everyone is welcome to have a chat or play with us! We play both old and modern games, so jump in if you wish to play some GoldenEye, Fortnite, Minecraft, or Halo between others.
Community | Gaming
Perfect place to hangout, make new friends and have an amazing on discord!
Community | Social
This Server is a new startup server, we want YOU to join and hang out with them all! WHAT WE OFFER: -giveaways of ranks -bot games -music lounge -game nights - and much more
Community | Social
A chill server for people to hangout and chat in, including a variety of bots, gamenights and more.