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We are a new server looking for fun and chill people to hang out with. We offer different color roles as well as a nice music bot! Feel free to join if you would like to. We want to try to grow as much as possible!
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Ce serveur a été créé pour réunir la communauté de Gumiho, une streameuse que vous pouvez retrouver sur Twitch via : Ce serveur est bien sûr régit par des règles pour conserver un tchat et une communauté qualitative et accueillante. Sur ce bienvenue à toi dans la meute !
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This server is for the MilkKittyPew community on twitch. Come join us on twitch at
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A server for twitch stream GrandmaSav.
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**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ Hey Everyone ˚*•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚* By joining this server you will be able to find fellow people to play games with and build great online relationships with!! We also have movie night, music, interactive bots, and tons of different chat rooms. So come join us for some fun! <3333 ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧ Also!! you would be helping me grow my twitch stream and build a stronger community for us girl gamers...(and boy gamers) <3333 ✧༝┉┉┉┉┉˚*❋ ❋ ❋*˚┉┉┉┉┉༝✧
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Nibble is a decentralized reward platform with encrypted messages and own privacy protected cryptocurrency. All your NBXC transactions and messages are anonymous. The Nibble Network provides an instant secure, untraceable and unlinkable way of encrypted communication - crypto messages. Nibble is open-source, always has been and always will be. This latest edition of Nibble, has been created from a merger of projects - Nibble Classic & Crumbs; Giving our users the best from both worlds, a simple to use platform, messaging ability, deposits & rewards.
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Welcome to Galactic Guardians! Galactic Guardians is an active international Overwatch Community that welcomes you all! Our friendly staff and members ensure everyone has fun and gets to join our chats, events, PUGs, tournaments and make friends! The community has grown around our female only teams and our goal is to encourage and help girls within all skill levels in Overwatch. Hope to see you soon!