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ꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀ♡ꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀ welcome to Haikyuu Utopia! the founding fathers of this server created it so really cool pals, like yourself, can join to have a place to meet some other really cool pals. this is a role play server, but we also have plenty of ooc channels to chat in. this is an 18+ server. ╭┈ ┆ we offer: ┆ ❥ super cool admins 😼 ┆ ❥ a friendly environment ┆ ❥ reaction self roles ┆ ❥ lots of bots (mudae, music, and more) ┆ ❥ nsfw.. aha 🤒 ┆ ❥ emotes ╰┈ ꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀ♡ꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀꕀ