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Sup y'all Welcome to the PureWeather Discord server Pure Weather is a channel based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, started by two teen nerds who share a collective interest in content creation and weather. Our main focus on hurricanes and tropical storms, but really talking about all things weather. Youtube: Twitter: Twitch:
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A server for all to play games together along with some randomness thrown in there every now and then.
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The Hurricane HQ is a friendly, drama free server. At The Hurricane HQ we track severe weather, cyclones, and all other weather around the world. We also have general chats and fun activities to pass the time. All are welcome and accepted. If you are a weather enthusiast, this is the place to be!
⚡Now a general weather server!⚡ Welcome to Twistrack, one of the fastest-growing new weather servers out there! Join our server if you enjoy any types of weather, or just want a place to hang out. In our server, we mainly cover hurricanes and severe weather, but we have much more that we track. Join today to see what the fun is all about! We offer the following amenities: ✅ Welcoming community ✅ Severe weather warnings ✅ Tropical Alerts ✅ Fun emotes ✅ Great weather discussions ✅ Severe weather and tropical weather briefings and notifications 🌪We hope to see you in Twistrack!🌪 Any questions or concerns? Email us at [email protected]