Community | Education
Here in the daily server you can play pokemon, search on google, get the latest news or weather, and lots more!
Science | Technology
The Force Thirteen community discusses meteorology, science and technology around the world, along with general chat rooms for all kinds of chat!
Science | Technology
A weather discord for people to talk about it shows pictures and an active team to report for major storms to keep people safe and out of harm.
Community | Social
Weather base discord with live coverage of weather of all kinds. From underground to the surface, and space, we cover it all to help keep everyone out of harms way.
Social | Community | Education
Wanting a server that's branded around weather? We are here for you! We are a weather related discord server that's providing an entertaining, active community and staff environment. It'd be an honor to see you aboard the weather-bound community!
Gaming | Science
Welcome to the BGS We want all of you safe from storms. This is a server by Bartonistic if you sub to him you will be given a role and I’m taking admin and mod Applications too. And we do play games on the server too. If you want to Join in the server link is not working add me BartonisticYT#1242. Have a good day and night.
Hobbies | Community
If you like to talk about weather or learn about weather this server is for you. We have a great staff team. We also have a wide variety of members. We have a react Role system to show off what your intelligence in meteorology is.
Community | Science
Meteorologist. Weather. Tornado. Severe. Community. Nice.