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welcome to the engineer club, but don't let that name trick you,everybody's welcome custom emotes, custom roles and events,
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Discord Server for the Squad Server the Alliance
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And RP server that’s basically cowboy mad max, take mad max, and make it a western. Gunslingers, cowboys, saloons, bar fights, crazy vehicles and death races through giant sandstorms. So give us a try, you won’t regret it :3
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Musik Server für jeden!! Komm und helfe Deutschlands besten Musikserver aufzubauen!!
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a server with no purpose. join and exsist
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Listen I am just going to cut to the chase. This server is professionally made. Brand new. We are looking to grow. Help us do that. We just started on the 11th of July 2019. Lets do this together. Everyone is friendly (we dont tolerate assholes). Welcome to The Anime Ghoul!
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Rocket league server, with a lot of useful and fun things to do.
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Free daily ban-free money drops
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Welcome to The Lounge Community Discord Server! Home of PixelStretch and The Lounge Community Server Network. It's great to see you join the Community! The Rules here are simple! -------------------------------- -NO LEWD CONTENT! -Be Respectful and have manners, but don't take things too seriously. Let your hair down and have fun. -Do not spam any text channels. -No racist or homophobic remarks, that's pretty self explanatory. -Be respectful towards others, just don't be a dick. -Have a great time, and make friends! That's our goal, to maintain a friendly and energetic community!
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Hi! We are a small community for MTG and we mainly play EDH, and we are looking to grow and have a fun time, we mainly play on cockatrice.
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Gaming, sandwiches, memes... What else do you really need?
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Welcome to The Dog Box, where all the fun happens! We are a small community with friendly staff! Here you can interact with others, have fun with bot commands, voice chat with others, chill with friends, earn roles by leveling up, react with QOTD's, and many more! Join our server to see the rest 1. Join the Server. 2. Read the rules. 3. Verify yourself. 4. Have fun!
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This a server specifically about our lord and savior TYLER THE CREATOR
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There's probably some memes here courtesy of the big cheese pizza lally
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A server for all to play games together along with some randomness thrown in there every now and then.