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robocat appreciation association is where u praise robocat428942!!! u can post funny cats, anime, nightcore, vocaloid, and funny pictures. it is epic!!!
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Musik Server für jeden!! Komm und helfe Deutschlands besten Musikserver aufzubauen!!
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nightcore paradise is a server made for all anime/nightcore fans to come together and socialize while sharing our favorite songs!!
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A Friendly and Welcoming Server for friendly chats about anime stuff and much more,this is made for my youtube channel,where i upload Nightcore music videos daily.
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Anime | Community
The server is meant to be for fun and communicate with other people who has the same interest as you! Come and join us and have a fun time with us communicating about something that we always love! Let's also talk about Anime/Manga, Games, Memes and MORE!!!
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Music, Games, Nightcore and more!
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Welcome to the HISTORY MAKERS Community server! Our mission is not to become a normal server like any other, but to become the BIGGEST and the MOST UNIQUE server in the Discord community. We're a community that's still in the process of growing. This server has a user customization system built into it, so choose your self-roles carefully because they will customize the server based on the choices that you have made. Things to expect when joining: - You need to verify your account. - You have to chat till you reach level 5 to unlock the rest of the server. This is for security purposes. Server Features: The server has a lot of channels and categories to explore. Depending on what self-roles you have chosen, the server can change into a multi-purpose server made just for you. There are a lot of roles that customize not only the server but also build a unique user profile.
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Seeking for a place to talk? everyday here's activity regarding anime, music & lots. Feel free to join, in addition we have a variety of anime emojis!~ (clublion uploads)