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Nice To Meet You! this server was made because I find it impossible to sleep at night, and during the current pandemic I thought it would be nice to have as a place people can come at night. Unfortunately, I do not feel as if any other servers offer a place to come and chill at this time as everyone generally goes offline. Well, that’s this server’s sole purpose! when everyone else is asleep, we will be active. You might be asking “why don’t you just join a server from a different time zone”. Well mostly because I would much rather speak to people from the UK as Americans just waffle a load of nonsense most of the time (no offence if you are American). this server is just beginning so bear with the member count and stick to it! I hope to eventually have a community to where every night can be filled with conversation. DISCLAIMER This is not a UK only server but that is my target demographic.
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Small, friendly, sfw and growing community to meet InSomnias around the world. Support Dreamcatcher while having fun !!