Hobbies | Anime
Hey guys! This server is aiming to establish a growing, friendly community for literally anybody! Here you can make new friends, talk about gaming, science, anime, books, and just about anything. Come on, and check it out! Have a great time!
Social | Meme
A new and friendly server to chill out and vibe with friends. Talk about gaming, memes, anime, etc.
Gaming | Streaming
Discord for streamer JusticeJ. Support me on Theta @ https://theta.tv/justicej and Twitch @ twitch.tv/justicej. I stream late at night or late in the afternoon into the evenings. You can catch me around 3-5 PM PST Monday - Wednesday or 2 AM starting till around 6 AM from Thursday - Sunday.
Community | LGBT | Hobbies
Winter wonderland is a fun, wintery based server, we're here to create new connections. Come on in, and enjoy the vibe, we support everyone here!