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❥─────────────────❥ ☆│Active VC! (most nights) ☆│Cool people ☆│Thicc Staff ☆│Custom Bots ❥─────────────────❥ This server is mainly just a chill place to hang out and talk. We play games, program, make music and much more. We're really active most of the day, mostly in VC. Join pls
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RODINA Livonia Improved vanilla experience and chill atmosphere with no strict rules IP: Discord: Welcome!
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Awake at 2:00AM and all these ideas are coming to your mind? Join NightDreamer Studios were we make your ideas realty! Come join us and become a nightdreamer yourself :)
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Discord para jogadores de Under Night In-Birth do Brasil e suas redondezas
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Official Immortal Night Discord for the game Immortal Night
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Night Vibes is a place to chill and hang out. Each role is given to a person based on how active they are with the server.
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Meet new people and communicate! Giveaways, game nights, and more!
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The BlueHeaven Bar is a rest stop for all fans of Cyberpunk and Sci-fi in movies, games, anime, and more! Come join us to chat after a long day, to meet new friends, and to help expand a brand new community that loves neon lights, cybernetic implants, and cheesy hacker tropes! 💠 Free Color Roles! 💠 User Activity and XP Progression! 💠 Gambling minigames! 💠 Bartending Bot! 💠 Metal Gear Emotes Courtesy of Mechanicsci 💠 Voice channels for VC users! 💠 Starboard! 💠 Rythm Bot and a Muted Music VC lounge! The only thing we need is you! Join and help us grow!
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─── ∙ 「 c a l i g o 」 - welcome to caligo, a topicless chill server ◟◟ | what we offer ;; ◟level 1 boosted server ⋆ 。 ˚ ◟a fun and sfw community ⊹ ˚ . ◟channels for everyone * . · ◟night-themed aesthetic server . · + ◟lots of bots and active leveling system . ˚ ⋆ ◟lots of events and contests to keep you entertained * ˚ . | extras ;; ›› / roles to identify yourself ›› / funny people + nice admins