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Welcome to the 𝓒𝓸𝔃𝔂 𝓒𝓪𝓫𝓲𝓷, a friendly social server for people aged 16+ to chat, play games, and, most importantly, sleep soundly on call with others! We're still a small community, but hope to expand our margins and meet new people who share a common interest: Sleep!
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The Pillow Fort Are you feeling Sleeping yet? Having trouble Dozing off? Maybe you just need some company tonight At the Pillow Fort, We offer 18+ Community with Verification Private voice Rooms for members to relax and get acquainted
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Shleepy is a friendly, fun and welcoming chill community full of; Gaming Nights | Movie Nights | Giveaways & More! Come experience our 24/7 cozy vibes.
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sickest hang out group
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Hewo! Welcome to a fun and amazing server where we talk about food and everything else! Everybody is welcome so lets eat some dumplings! -Self assigned roles -Pandas to vent to -Community when/if you need it, up to you -And dumplings! Plus if you're just scrolling through looking for a random server to join at 2 am, why not this one?
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Go to Sleep.
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dreams, dream logs, and dream discussion
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Welcome to Melatonin, a sleep discord server NITRO GIVEAWAY CURRENTLY BEING HOSTED! * Sleep Server * Active Members * Tight Knit Community * Best Server!
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A server dedicated to sleeping! Come relax with fellow tiered people. There is rooms to listen to audio while you sleep, or general sleeping lounges. Come hang out and fall asleep!
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This server is for the people who need someone in a voice chat with them at night to sleep. As the owner, I understand what it means to have someone there to comfort you, and I wanted to make a server in mind that was welcoming and very friendly. :)
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Hey welcome! This server is super welcoming and active, besides being active the server is super friendly and has a good amount of staff members who are well trained so it is definitly a safe place!
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Welcome to the Sleepy Society! We just started our server today and are hoping to attract some new members. We are a small, well-knit community with friendly people. Just a general place to hang out and talk :) Hope to have you join us<3
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🌜 Night Light is a server primarily focused for people who have trouble sleeping at night, but we welcome everyone looking to make new friends and have a friendly conversation. 🌛 We have: 🔴 Tons of active and friendly people to talk to 💬 🔴 Helpful staff 🌀 🟠 24/7 Minecraft server that's open for everyone 🌎 🟢 Self assignable roles, leveling up 💎 🔵 Many fun and useful bots 🤖 🟣 Venting channel for discussions about mental health and other problems 🧸 ⚫️ Art, music, and other exclusive channels for you to show off your talent 🎵 ⚪️ Giveaways and other events 🎉 💗 If you're interested in finding a new server where you can chat with friendly people and make new friends, Night Light is the place for you. 💗