Anime | Mature
Brand new Age 18+ SFW Discord server, designed with the specific goal of finding someone to sleep call with or to just find someone to voice chat and chill with. We hope to grow a positive community here!
Gaming | Community
Do you like VR, VRChat and sleeping in VR? This is the community for you. Welcome to the Virtual Slumberclub This is a community to vibe, chill, game but most importantly; sleep together in VRChat Public sleeping lobbies aren't fun, nor are private lobbies with nobody in it. So here, you can find like-minded people who like to sleep in VR, and like to sleep with people in VR.
Community | Social
Welcome to the 𝓒𝓸𝔃𝔂 𝓒𝓪𝓫𝓲𝓷, a friendly social server for people aged 16+ to chat, play games, and, most importantly, sleep soundly on call with others! We're still a small community, but hope to expand our margins and meet new people who share a common interest: Sleep!
Social | Community
The Pillow Fort Are you feeling Sleeping yet? Having trouble Dozing off? Maybe you just need some company tonight At the Pillow Fort, We offer 18+ Community with Verification Private voice Rooms for members to relax and get acquainted
Community | Hobbies
Go to Sleep.
Hobbies | Art
dreams, dream logs, and dream discussion
Social | Emoji
Hey welcome! This server is super welcoming and active, besides being active the server is super friendly and has a good amount of staff members who are well trained so it is definitly a safe place!
Gaming | Entertainment
Sleeping, gaming, anime, vibe, movie
Community | Art
This is just a chilled back server. IMPORTANT "you have to be over 15 to join the server" we mostly are a friendly server, have events every so often sooo.. come on down. you'll have a great time. promise ☺
Social | LGBT
We are a sleep server! We want to help people be more happy and comfortable when they are trying to sleep! We are LGBT friendly and love people of all colors, racism and lgbt phobia is unaccepted!
Hobbies | Community
😴We are a friendly lucid dreaming server where you can chat with experienced lucid dreamers, get advice, and hang out! 📖Tons of resources and lucid dreaming guides
Anime | Music
this server is designed for gaming, studying, chattings, and more. there's not really much to say about this server, it's just for fun.