Anime | Community
it's an area where you can hang out and find some friends or people to play games with. There is even a hiring category so you can hire people who are looking for work in the server. We also love anime!
Programming | Community
whether you are looking for a freelancer or you are a freelancer, this server acts a directory where freelancer can submit their gigs to be viewed by thousands of visitors. Get paid for your skills now.
Hobbies | Gaming
if the link doesn't work add me as I will invite you to the server: 🌺 𝒢𝑒𝓈𝓎𝒶𝒯𝒱 🌺#3935
Business | Education
I am a BTC seller/trader I run this discord to chat with people/ teach people how to sell and trade cypto, join if you are interested in making some money 18+ as you must be this age to sell BTC.
Community | Education
@uxlivinglab we discuss statistics and its applications in real life. ----------------------------------------------------------- DoWell UX Living Lab ?? * True Moments User experience lab is a unique living lab organised by DoWell Research globally. * We collect insights from user's daily life from the rural and urban area of each country * DoWell do crowdsourcing using open innovation engagement model to interact with users, then analyse the data and present to client team for innovating their products, services and processes * User interaction will be in Home, street, lab or office with consumer and business profiles * We have offices in Frankfurt, London, Singapore, Chicago and Helsinki for client support and managing projects * DoWell Have 20 years experience in UX research