Gaming | Role-Playing
TCF is a player build organization active in Elite Dangerous and getting ready for Star Citizen.
Business | Crypto
The YooDoo Discord Server.
Community | Business
A Discord Server where you can come to get support for VDR Freelance Service
Role-Playing | Community
Project Freelancer is a Special Operations program created to study soldiers with AI implants. It is a very laid back roleplay server. We are not entirely story oriented, but instead focused on character development
Social | Business
My Fiverr store: promote your Fiverr store here on my server! Fiverr only!
Technology | Community
We sell Discord Nitro & other items for very low prices
Art | Community
Artists United is an international art-network, that aims to connect Artists, Friends of art & potential Customers. We are an affable and very organized mature community with clear rules to keep things nice & clean. We welcome Creative Minds of any experience level and provide everyone a non-toxic haven to share artworks & experience, to get feedback & critiques, to compete in challenges & art-games, to teach and learn, to chat or vent, to announce art-streams and to hire hundreds of Freelancer Artists. Adult content is partly allowed and strictly regulated in the server. We make an effort to frequently develope unique new features & to realize our Members feedback and ideas. Commissions? We offer you hundreds of quality Freelancers that are just waiting to serve you! Server Language: english ► We are currently looking for: - Art Teachers for online classes (no academic background needed) - Live-Art-Streamers - Customers - Event Sponsors
Art | Design
We are one of the top Freelance Designers server on Discord. We are a community where freelancers are verified before applying for any jobs. And in return for their verification we provide them better prices for their work as Freelancers. We are mostly for different types of designers, programmers and marketers but we are also expending in different Freelance fields.