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We are a friendly chill community focused on jRPG's, Anime, Gaming and Twitch. We also post Gaming/Tech news daily from different sources so you won't miss any of the big news out there! And you can use 50 of our awesome emotes too!
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Antes de qualquer coisa, gostaríamos de avisar que estamos aceitando parcerias! Seja bem vindo ao Main Menu, um servidor criado principalmente com o intuito de reunir pessoas com interesses em comum num mesmo lugar. Aqui temos canais dos seguintes jogos: ➡️ Fire Emblem ➡️ JRPGs em geral ➡️ Pokémon ➡️ Super Smash Bros ➡️ Super Mario ➡️ Visual Novels em geral ➡️ Yo-kai Watch ➡️ Yu-Gi-Oh Também temos bots como a Loritta, Mantaro, Mudae, Nintendo Trivia e muito mais! Todos são bem vindos no servidor, só é necessário que sigam as regras para uma boa convivência. Como é um servidor novo, estamos sempre procurando melhorar e aceitamos sugestões. Esperamos que vocês se divirtam aqui!
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A place to discuss the Dragon Quest franchise, whether it be main series games, spin-offs, or fan made content! We also host tournaments for you to vote on your favourite DQ game, piece of music, etc. Changes to the server run by polls to members.
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Official server for all my bakas and weebs
Anime | Mature
AnimeOver30 is a place where older fans of anime/manga/jrpgs and so forth can chat and hang out. We've found that related spaces are lacking for those of us past our teen years and early 20s so we've decided to make a space of our own. The "age limit" isn't strict (But no under 18 and preferably mid 20s+). But we do want to focus on creating a mature environment for like-minded individuals.
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Hello everyone! This is the server that I have created for weebs so that weebs don't get bullied by non-weebs for being weebs, but are instead bullied by others weebs calling us weebs. This server is all about: anime, manga, gaming, livestreaming, and *other* things you might like that I can't talk about here ;)
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Ein Discord Server für alle Rollenspielfans aus Fernost sowie auch Retro Fans. Spiele die für die gute alte Super Nintendo, Playstation, Playstation 2, Gamecube und vielen weiteren Konsolen erschienen sind. Tolle Spiele wie Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Persona, Suikoden, Secret of Mana/Evermore (seiken denetsu), Chrono Trigger und vielen weiteren tollen Spielen. Rpg fans aus dem Westen sind ebenso gern gesehen. Wir sind nicht nur Nerds, es gibt auch tolle Serien, Filme oder andere Themen u besprechen, schaut einfach mal rein.
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A server that we just started. An all around hangout focused on Games, Music, Youtube and Art! We need more members and more moderators so come join! We have custom emotes and VC every now and then. Suggestions are welcome!
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Brand new Black Desert Online Guild! Join us to have fun!
Gaming | Community
JRPG fan community
Anime | Gaming
Game/anime server
Anime | Gaming
Brand new discord server looking to grow with people who are interested in Code Vein. Also an LFG server for Network Test
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A server for discussing games, sharing media, and making friends, centralised around the video game series, Persona!
This is the Discord server for Twitch streamer and Youtuber DrLevelUp!
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A server dedicated to Ten Button Gamers twitch channel and friends. We discuss random nonsense and will eventually hold polls on what games to stream next.