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A friendly gaming server welcoming anyone. Home of the Legendary YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and also DLive streamer "matthew36829". Plz clap
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IKSA International Kerbal Space Agency Who are we? We are a KSP Community, that has flight controllers for KSP missions, including live telemetry! We also use KOS for extra realism! We also have a discord integration which allows for quindars. Roles We have roles of: Engineer (Deals with the development of rockets and KOS scripts) Mission Planner (Deals with the planning of flights, and the creation of the procedures) Kerbonaut (Are the brave kerbals who fly the mission, require KSP installed) Mission Controller (These are the people who talk on the comms to the Kerbonauts) OIG (Criticise the agency and suggest improvements for cost and safety) Office of the Administrator (Run the show and keep the agency on track with its goals) Admin (Keep the community clean)