Gaming | Streaming
A friendly gaming server welcoming anyone. Home of the Legendary YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and also DLive streamer "matthew36829". Plz clap
Gaming | Social
Hi all 😊 Wellcome to our server 👍 Our server taking about gaming 🎮 U can talk about anything u want (unless NSFW) ☺️ There is rules 📃 Please follow it 😉 Here is the rules 😊 ---------------------------------------- 1. No use of commands in non-dedicated channels! ---------------------------------------- 2. There is no insulting others or arguing! ---------------------------------------- 3. Advertising is not allowed unless @BOSS ALLOWS! ---------------------------------------- 3. Advertising without permission: warn, if the mute is continued at 6am, if the user resumes BAN! (7 days) ---------------------------------------- 4. Scoring or swearing-: warn, 2.warn, then if it continues BAN again! (24h) ---------------------------------------- 5. Interference with others in Voic warns, so mute (cannot be spoken only in Voic) for 2 days ---------------------------------------- There is more in the server, enjoy and have fun 😊
Gaming | YouTuber
Join this great server, It gives a platform for everyone. Main pass times of people on the server include: Gaming, Omegle Streaming, Watching and making YouTube videos, And all around having fun. Hope to see you there
Gaming | Social
Call of Duty: Warzone discord server for the Philippine Community!
Community | Gaming
Server nel quale puoi giocare e conversare con altre persone sugli argomenti che più ti piacciono. Principalmente, il gioco dominante è osu! ma spesso si gioca anche a molti altri giochi. Siete liberi di passare per fare "quattro chiacchere"!
Gaming | eSports
СНГ дискорд сервер по Valorant
Gaming | Community
Welcome to Overwatch's Bastion Mains! Enjoy our humble abode in the Black Forest hub, meet other people, and chat about our favorite Omnic! Features multiple server functions including a starboard for highlighting posts, a channel that displays Twitch streams, and help guides for gitting gud in Overwatch.
Meme | Gaming
ThatBucketHeadGamer's official server! Memes and gaming a plenty, and a safe place to vibe!
Gaming | Streaming
Welcome to our server! We are a discord clan! We play Fortnite and Valorant but welcome all games! Come join the chill vibes and have some fun!