Music | Social
A casual, friendly and fun place to come and sing (or hear others sing). Everyone is welcome! :)
Gaming | Technology
French and english discord, join for fun. It's all about gaming and computers. If you need help over your computer or a game, this discord can help you! Choose your language to see the english channels ! Discord français et anglais, rejoignez pour du fun. Serveur abordant les jeux-vidéos et les PC. Si vous avez besoin d'aide sur un jeu ou surtout pour une question autour des PC alors ce discord peut vous aider! Choisissez votre langue en rejoignant pour voir les channels français.
Streaming | Technology
A place to talk about custom mechanial keyboards, and to keep up with jyojoh's Twitch streams! Come join us to hang out and talk about all things hardware, and to get help with your build!
Music | Education
The Piano Community is a helpful and friendly community full of pianists of all kinds. It is open to anyone who wants to join, whether they are beginners, long-time experts, or just here to chat! Have fun, stay safe.
Technology | Design
Mechanische Tastaturen Deutschland. Alles zu Switches, Keycaps und Tastaturen