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We are open to any and everyone and our purpose is to make new friends
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[Welcome to the server] Northern Star Forza Club is a Forza-centric community with a WIDE variety of both RP and NON - RP options to satisfy your Forza experience! With an experienced team running the server, we make sure to keep all events fair, controlled and FUN! so while we're all in quarantine, why not join us in Northern Star Forza Club? We can't wait to see you in our server!
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Just a quaint little community looking for more members to spice up what we already have! Regardless of your interest we offer many assets that interest almost anyone, such as gaming, tech, anime, art, photography, and more! I hope to see you soon, and thank you for taking the time to read this!
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────────────« Scion Gang Row »──────────── 📍 ❝Scion Gang Row❞ 📍 Tallk about your favorite games such as fortnite, call of duty, valorant, among us, ... ! We have a lot of fun bots! Vibe with the music bot, play cool mini games, see the newest patches in youre favorite game, ... We are very friendly, we respect eachother. We are very active. We have a lot of voice chat channels , we even have an channel for Among us! So what are you waiting for, join this server! Promote youreself and youre friends and make youre social blow up! ~ Btw, I am searching for admin and moderaters, active users will get this role! Im new to Discord so all "Tips And Tricks" are welcome Join the Scion Gang Row Discord Server!
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In diesem server wird gezockt und gelacht es werden freundschaften entstehen und vieles mehr.
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:sparkles: Grace field House :sparkles: Are you looking for a place to talk with ppl, play games with bots, and even more? Join us, where we offer things like: ➦ :robot:FUN BOTS like dank memer and owo ➦ :smiley: NON TOXIC COMMUNITY ➦ :005starstruck: star_struck: TONS OF FUN ➦ people_hugging: VIRTUAL HUGS ➦ :man_health_worker: (SEMI/NON) PROFESSIONAL THERAPY AND ADVICE ----------------------- WE HAVE* ➦:loudspeaker:SELF PROMOTION CHANNELS (including discord servers) ➦:exploding_head: Spam Channels ➦:rofl:MEMES and ART channels ➦:joystick:GAMES and channels for them ➦:mortar_board:HELP WITH SCHOOL WORK ➦ :earth_africa: CHANNELS FOR DIFFERENT LANGUAGES ➦:headphones:MUSIC channels ➦:microphone2:Temporary VCs