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AER Economy Networks City RP Have you ever wanted to become the CEO of a company employing hundreds of players in Minecraft? Or become the Mayor of a Town or City and sell plots to players? Or perhaps you could become a doctor or policeman and assist the government in keeping the citizens healthy and safe? Maybe you just want to become a farmer and sell your products in a shop to other players. Regardless of what you want to accomplish, this server can offer you the creative freedom to do whatever you wish. We are a brand new server, founded on the 11th of April 2020 and we would love to welcome see you join us! Our server features a number of popular plugins that will allow players to choose what job they want to become and how they want to play on the server. We have a wide variety of jobs that players can become, such as: Doctor Policeman Farmer Entrepreneur Builder Designer Real Estate Agent Marketer Writer Journalist Rancher Lawyer Judge And many more!
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We sell cheap FA/Reg Minecraft alts and other services. One of the cheapest and reliable service out there. Give us a try!! If you have 10 registered invites (not alt discord accounts) you will get 5 minecraft accounts! Free weekly giveaways! Permanent Discord link:
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ES Development is a discord server for Minecraft plugins coded and uploaded to spigot/MCM/ any other plugin website by Saif, join me give me tips (I'm new to MC Coding) and see how far I can go !
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Chatting, Making friends, Anime, and Memes fun with friends may make a youtube channel ill try to grow my platform on tiktok and get community on discord.