We're a small organization who cares about old-school online games. We launched exclusive game servers which will bring you to the early 2000s!
If you don't want to chase people or be told how to play. Or do you feel a good community with some structure can do all aspects of the game? Then proceed to House Oldenmmo.
Only 2000's emos (Falling in reverse, Black Veil Brides, Hawthorne Heights, Asking Alexandria, Alesana...) Gotics, otakus and that things aren allowed, and of course neither possers. Have fun
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Ever want to Gamble that GP you've been sitting on in hopes of turning that 100m into bils? Here at SavageStakes you can do that any way you want <3 We have -Flower poker -Blackjack -Dragon Dyce -Roulette -44 or lower -50 x1.8 -54 x2 -75 x3 -Partyhat Poker -ou overunder -!hc hot or cold -sport bets -esport bets -active bettors club -Ranks are avaliable #paid-ranks Come and Join is at https://discord.gg/GUPmuQF
A gambling discord server. We have dice, poker & crash games! Cash in or out using our tokens system & old school runescape gold.
OSGamble is a oldschool runescape gambling community. We offer a unique experience with our cross-platform betting No need to wait for a host, our games are run automatically with no human interference. All games we offer are run on our provably fair system, where you can verify all results of any game were actually generated fairly. Our current games: Fully featured Blackjack Dicing, 55x2 Simulated whip staking
Comunidade Portuguesa de Runescape
Olá!, seja-bem vindo ao Discord oficial do Clan Piety Brasil. Com certeza sua chegada será uma grande alegria para todos nós por aqui! Desejamos-te boas-vindas do fundo de nossos corações, e conte conosco para o que precisar!
Welcome to Galactic Frontier, a TXT based RP group with a Sci-Fi flavour. Join us and help save the human civilisation as we search for KOI-0.
We are a new server hoping to grow. You can join us and share your game-play and chill,chat and make friends! We also do GIVEAWAYS🥳!!! So come join us and meet new people,make friends and have FUN!!!!😀
Welcome! This is the Discord server of Fyndel Inc. We run the https://www.fyndel.com/ website. We are a Discord server primarily focused on the game Runescape. We offer services for everyone trying to level their account, quest their account or even do some minigames. Some links to help you out Our services 💰buying-gold 💰selling-gold 💪🏻skilling 🌍quests 🎪minigames 🚶🏼♂account-sales 🔥fire-capes Interested in a job? #hiring-information