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We are StarBets. The #1 place for RuneScape gambling, staking & giveaways. Play games such as Dicing, Blackjack, Flower Poker & more using our Provably Fair Discord bot! If you're a gamble, staker or even just a normal RuneScape player, we have something for you here at StarBets. If you're into gambling, you can play from our variety of Discord integrated games using our Provably Fair discord bot! If you're a staker, we have 5% commission staking through our professionally trained and trusted host's! If you're interested in becoming a host, you can read #star-ranks in the server! If you're just a normal RS player, or even any of the ones listed above, feel free to participate in our DAILY drop parties & giveaways up to 2B in value! We also do weekly events for prizes such as Cards Against humanity, Dice Duel Competitions & more! Join us today at StarBets! The #1 RS Gambling Community!
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4 King Royale® is a new card game that you can play as solitaire or as a multiplayer game against others. The clean and crisp design of the cards and screen layout make playing this new game hugely entertaining. If you enjoy blackjack and the many various forms of solitaire and patience card games it's quite likely you will love this game. Join the official Discord to play against others and attend our events and tournaments DOWNLOAD ON GOOGLE PLAY STORE DOWNLOAD ON THE APPSTORE
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Ever want to Gamble that GP you've been sitting on in hopes of turning that 100m into bils? Here at SavageStakes you can do that any way you want <3 We have -Flower poker -Blackjack -Dragon Dyce -Roulette -44 or lower -50 x1.8 -54 x2 -75 x3 -Partyhat Poker -ou overunder -!hc hot or cold -sport bets -esport bets -active bettors club -Ranks are avaliable #paid-ranks Come and Join is at
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Clout GG is a desktop application that allows you to Win FREE steam games We are currently developing the application and this will be ready soon. Games you can expect are daily scratch cards, slot machines, raffles, blackjack tournaments , free loot boxes and more!
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Bienvenue sur le Discord français de Casino ! Blackjack, Roulette, Machine à sous, Travail, Illégal, Bot musique et radio et staff actif... ! Évitez de spam dans les channels. Publicité interdit, invition discord et lien. Pas de lien vers des sites d'hack/pornographiques. Les modificateurs de voix et les soundboards sont interdits. Pas de racisme, de harcèlement et de sexisme. L'argent utilisé est de l'argent fictif donc pas réel. Si vous ne respectez pas ces règles vous pouvez prendre un Bannissement Permanent ou un Warn. (5 WARN = BAN PERMANENT)
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OSGamble is a oldschool runescape gambling community. We offer a unique experience with our cross-platform betting No need to wait for a host, our games are run automatically with no human interference. All games we offer are run on our provably fair system, where you can verify all results of any game were actually generated fairly. Our current games: Fully featured Blackjack Dicing, 55x2 Simulated whip staking
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Discord Casino is a collection of the best gambling bots available for easy access in one server.
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A friendly game of chess
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chess community anime exp balance blackjack community
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Receive 400k for Joining. Must gamble up to 1.5m MIN to cashout. We are the No.1 Chest & Keys Gambling Community. We also offer Black Jack, Roulette, Dicing, Flowering which all works from your MGBets Wallet Balance! You also get 400k more for every 3 people you invite. Why wait, Join MGBets today and start making money with us
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We condone fuckery, Active as fuck. We grow by the night, bigger by the day. You can chill, meet and socialise with new users, Meme around or even talk life. Our active staff, moderation team will help ensure safety to be done properly on the server.