Welcoming community to all osu! players of every gamemode. - Access to the report cheaters channel where you can post cheaters. - The ability to change the color of your name in the color change channel.
The fastest Guitar Hero III you'll ever get, with file association, windowed mode, downloads and all other sorts of cool features!
We condone fuckery, Active as fuck. We grow by the night, bigger by the day. You can chill, meet and socialise with new users, Meme around or even talk life. Our active staff, moderation team will help ensure safety to be done properly on the server.
osu! based server (Not a relax server) for any osu! players. Roles in the server is based off your digit, and you will be assigned a role with a colour based on your ranking. For example 1 digit: Yellow, 2 digit: Red, 3 digit: Orange etc. Channels to post any scores you set and a best of the month channel, made to showcase one of your best scores from each month of the year.
This server was made for people to make new friends that are into bang dream! Come discuss anything you have been itching to talk about, from not getting your dream 4* card to full comboing that hard song! This server is quite new so feedback would be appreciated!
Spellcasters is a frantic rhythm based combat game set in the world of Spellcasters Academy. Press combos in time to the beat to cast powerful spells upon your enemies. Fight with up to 4 players in couch multiplayer arena combat to be the last one standing! We hope this can be a fun place for everyone to discuss Spellcasters and anything game related, so please familiarise yourself with the rules and enjoy yourself!
• New osu! Anime Skin Every Month • Talk About osu! Skin Stuff • Free osu! PSD Stuff To Make Skin • Q&A With Pro osu! Anime Skin Creator
Rhythm Haven is a community for all things Rhythm Games: Rayark (cytus, voez, etc.), osu!, lanota, acraea, benmani games and more! Come and share your thoughts and Highscores! We have multiple Chanels for talking about all kinds of rhythm games!
Welcome to Rhythm-Heaven! We are a friendly community dedicated to Rhythm Games!
Chasing her dreams; One bit at a time.