Community | Bot
Community, Pokemon, Friendly
Meme | Role-Playing
Join, and have some fun!
Gaming | Community
A fun Server to hangout
Community | Social
Welcome to Dreamies discord server! In here you can meet new people, join a brand new and activity and friendly community to chat with and make friends in, any questions regarding the server contact a staff member!
Gaming | Music
Welcome to our server! This is a server where many people play games such as roblox, and there are many bots such as dank memer and Rythm. Robbing on the Dank Memer bot is enabled, so have fun! DANK MEMER IS PREMIUM! We also like music so join if you're interested!
Community | Entertainment
Royalty Lounge. A server for listening to music - chatting - making friends - playing games and loads more exiting features around the corner. Do not be shy to start talking or asking for certain roles that'll allow you to do certain entertainment features. This is the start of a soon to be amazing Community! Currently ran by: Chairman, CJ60 and President, Lex.
Gaming | Meme
This server is mainly focused on WarThunder. But everyone is welcomed on the server! We have channels in different languages, a channel for memes, a NSWF-Channel, Rythm, and you are free to curse and swear as you please (but only in one channel)! We're open for suggestions and changes, and we take them seriously. You can also promote your WarThunder squadron in here. We currently have only a small, but nice community, that would be happy if you also became a part of it. Thank you!
Gaming | Entertainment
Entertainment for everyone! -Pokécord, be a virtual Pokémon Trainer! -Idle Miner, a Minecraft Tycoon. -Taco Shack, start your own Mexican Restaurant, -Gambling, play Jackblack, Coinflip + more. For further questions contact: Jillian#6928 on discord.
Community | Meme
Servidor dedicado a Pan con algunos bots y rangos/ Server dedicated to bread with some bots and ranks
Entertainment | Gaming
Enjoy Latest and Old Hindi Song Mashups in our Voice Channel and also Daily Pubg Mobile Matches Schedule and voice communication from Server
Gaming | Bot
Hello! We're garbage at league of legends, if you're low elo or unranked then check us out. We just play for fun most of the time. We usually play around evenings and nights EST NA. (We also do a bit of Stellaris multiplayer)