Gaming | Community
A fun Server to hangout
Gaming | Music
Welcome to our server! This is a server where many people play games such as roblox, and there are many bots such as dank memer and Rythm. Robbing on the Dank Memer bot is enabled, so have fun! DANK MEMER IS PREMIUM! We also like music so join if you're interested!
Community | Entertainment
Royalty Lounge. A server for listening to music - chatting - making friends - playing games and loads more exiting features around the corner. Do not be shy to start talking or asking for certain roles that'll allow you to do certain entertainment features. This is the start of a soon to be amazing Community! Currently ran by: Chairman, CJ60 and President, Lex.
Social | Anime
Welcome to Mixed Animé Server!, this is the server where you can find our relaxing and fun chat from us! come join! ; }
Entertainment | Growth
Hello and Welcome to Chill Island! Here, you can come and chill with other people! We have Game Talks, Voice and Music Channels, and many more! We have a few bots, they are: MEE6, Rythm, Dank Memer, Gambling Bot and more! Come and Chill with us on Chill Island!
Bot | Gaming
We are a small community of gamers that love to code and develop bots. The owner Brad has a bot called Abuse!
Gaming | Anime
This server is made for having fun with your friends playing the rhythm game Osu!, although is mainly for osu, it has voice and text chats for other topics like anime and other games and much more when the server has more members.