Gaming | Community
A fun Server to hangout
Gaming | Meme
a meme and gaming server with an economy
Bot | Community
Dû à l'inactivité du serveur depuis un bon moment et dû au fait que je ne m'en occupe plus du tout, j'ai pris la décision de fermer ce serveur. Cependant, comme j'ai pu avoir des fonctionnalités de MEE6 gratuites qui sont maintenant payantes, je peux donner ce serveur à une personne.
Bot | Technology
It's a server with a shit ton of bots. Join if you want to use my collection of bots.
Entertainment | Hobbies
Get some boxes and open em' up. Whats that inside? Its a sphere to call your own.
Community | Entertainment
A small server based on Dank Memer. Help is wanted and will be appreciated 🙂. Aim = Expand Hang out in general chat. Enter our frequent giveaways Trade with other members Chill in Voice or with our 3 music bots. NSFW IS NOT ALLOWED ON THIS SERVER! ROBBING/HEISTING IS DISABLED!
Gaming | Community
Want a gaming server? This is a gaming server. You can talk to people, rank up with mee6, and battle in the MEMEARENA! But this is a family friendly server. So all content must be appropriate. So yah...
Entertainment | Growth
Hello and Welcome to Chill Island! Here, you can come and chill with other people! We have Game Talks, Voice and Music Channels, and many more! We have a few bots, they are: MEE6, Rythm, Dank Memer, Gambling Bot and more! Come and Chill with us on Chill Island!
Entertainment | Gaming
Enjoy Latest and Old Hindi Song Mashups in our Voice Channel and also Daily Pubg Mobile Matches Schedule and voice communication from Server
Community | Gaming
A place were all kinds of gamers can hangout, join and find out more about our custom dragon clans with commands using MEE6!
Social | Gaming
We are a fun server with a great community! We offer some fun games in the sever such as Idle Miner, Trivia and Memer bot and More!