"Hangout" is a simple Discord server where you can meet new people, talk to them, and maybe play some video games with them. Lenient rules, fun staff members, and ranking. Come join the fun!
a meme and gaming server with an economy
This is the best server you'll ever see! We have lots of game bots, activity-gainable roles, fun channels, and many other things!
A server for anime-lovers or people who just want to hang out and make some new friends!
Welcome to Discon HQ, we are a small community but aim to get bigger and bigger, we would appreciate if you could lend us some support. Have fun while you're here and make new memories with friends.
Hello I present you a multi-community server (I invented it) This server that can propose communities and you can create a community of your own (but it will have no leader).
Server for ZPZ (youtube.com/zpzyt)
Want a gaming server? This is a gaming server. You can talk to people, rank up with mee6, and battle in the MEMEARENA! But this is a child friendly server. So all content must be appropriate. So yah
Chilling, chatting and gaming. Also try to add emojis and update them whenever possible.
It's a server with a shit ton of bots. Join if you want to use my collection of bots.
A gathering place for transformation fans!
We are chill and have gaming and anime. You can specialize in only anime or only gaming if you would like or even both. Our games are ever expanding so if we are missing a game please notify us at #game-suggestions.