Gaming | Community pro pubstomping/comp clan. We have also participated in clan wars, but we don't usually grind clan wars.
Bot | Community
This server is the general community and support server for Engauge, a Discord bot that allows you to gauge user participation and reward it on your Discord server. Join to seek help or to suggest features!
Gaming | eSports
My Smash Bros server with a custom leaderboard bot I coded :)
Art | Community
Competitive art server for artists, made by artists! We're a community of artists from all skill levels, from beginners, to industry professionals! Join and grow together with us! Fully automated rank, level progression, and leaderboards!
Gaming | Hobbies
Demigod Gaming is a a event server who run weekly events every week on a variety of different games including Minecraft, Among us and Jackbox.
Entertainment | Hobbies
Hello and welcome to the Discord Trivia server! We have bot-hosted trivia in #bot-trivia and player-hosted trivia in #player-trivia. Bot Trivia: The bot will ask a trivia question every minute or until someone gets the right answer. Player Trivia: Players can ask their own trivia questions in #player-trivia! We also have a #leaderboard to display scores.