Small cozy community that is welcoming to everyone! We would love to get to know you <3 🍳 self roles 🍳 tons of interactive bots 🍳 movie nights 🍳 listen to music together 🍳 make new friends 🍳 talk about anything random 🍳 selfies 🍳 200+ emotes
Welcome to TheForeverLounge! Where you chat and make friends and tons of features such as: Amazing Events and giveaways like steam gift cards and ranks and bot currencies. We have Trophy ranking and seasons Over 12 trophies to get promoted, highest Trophy after season reset you earn exclusive rewards. We have over 600 Users in the server! You will be impressed! If not then that's fine.
Fun, gaming, social, events
Wir sind das Team Over_Powered. Unser Ziel ist es jedem die Chance zu geben sich zu Beweisen, also wenn du auf der Suche bist nach einem Clan dann bewerbe dich bei uns.
Community based, fun, gaming, social, voice channels, ranking system.
Come for everything, stay for everything else.