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Deutsche Anime/Gaming Community mit: • Rang,- und Levelsystem • Economy System mit Casino, Slots etc. • NSFW Channel, Anime Bilder Galerie und vieles mehr. Unsere Webseite: • Dokumentation des Servers • Profil für jeden User Wir bieten dir eine aktive Community und eine ständig steigende Servergröße! Überzeuge dich gerne selbst.
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Have fun
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The 7ᵗʰ Club server is a chill and laid back community. ₀₁.₁.₁₈
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"we duh cool jhits"
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Drank is a Discord server that includes events, the ability to talk about anime, meet new friends, and much more! There is a special "OG" role that is being given out to every single member who joins the Discord server! (Lasts until 9/15/2019)
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A friendly OG Minecraft gaming community. We got OG players and much more! Come meet new people! Monthly Giveaways