Anime | Role-Playing
Gensokyo roleplay server! We offer you OC creation, freedom of actions, whole Gensokyo and friednly community of course! We're low on numbers and quite inactive, however you can change that! Come and join my server today! Always happy for new members!
Role-Playing | Community
A non-fandom, alternate history, semi-post apocalyptic, roleplay server centered around a city and a school for superpowered individuals who gained their ability through genetic mutations. Join now and help us grow as a community!! We are LGBT+ and remain fairly family friendly!
Gaming | Social
pour parler de ff7 entre français :p
Role-Playing | Social
An original idea, and a retry to a once successful server of my own, H34V3N X H311 Overdrive.
Role-Playing | Entertainment
a completely original roleplay server where your human character is stuck in a world different from earth with monsters and a battle system
Role-Playing | Community
Welcome to Halivara, a place that embraces the best of magic and technology! We're an original roleplay server set in a fantasy world where an interplanetary trade deal has shaped the course of its future! It's set in the titular city, a growing metropolis known for its diverse population and acceptance of magic and technology. Four districts make up Halivara, such as the recreational district & the shopping district. Here, you're free to build your own path, as the city accepts people of every outlook! >> What do we offer? << > ◈ An emphasis on original characters! ◈ Simplistic lore that's built to allow freeform roleplay! ◈ Supports most roleplay styles, from semi-lit to novella! ◈ The ability to add custom species & establish IRP businesses! ◈ A team of dedicated & friendly staff members! ◈ Constant updates that make the server better! >> Notice! << We recommend this server for users that're 15+! Also, we're undergoing renovations, so some things may change
Community | Gaming
Wonderland is a chill community server with an original card game theme always looking to grow our community and connect new people!
Role-Playing | Community
Order of Magic is a large roleplay with an evergrowing world, a vast but fast to learn and still mostly freeform progression system - including various classes and magic - great characters and players, and the potential to grow even bigger! The setting has a lot of fantasy with a diverse world where some countries are in an industrial age, others are in the renaissance or even still medieval. Each continent is different and has a high number of countries - and there is still a lot to explore, be it as part of faction or free spirit. Anyone can join storylines and make an impact and you do not have to grow uber-powerful to change something. Feel free to RP at your own pace!