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[][][][][][][][] Welcome to Underground Doku-dori, a 16+ RP server with much to offer. A few things we offer are: • Minimal Lore (so it’s easier to get started!) • Semi-Lit RPers • Many RP locations to choose from! • RPBot, for better character organization! • and more!
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Many, many years ago, there was nothing. Then, there was something. A young goddess in search for some meaning, so she began to create the Expanse, a world, and.. life. Her name was Kina, and she was a beautiful goddess who would walk amongst her people. Until she couldn't anymore. So, she moved on, but so did her people. They reverted to violence and war over their differences, and Kina became so distraught, she left. She turned her back on them. Many years later came the storms, and nearly all life ceased. The violence was returned with violence by the world they lived on. Soon, the people began to change their ways, and they joined together to rebuild their broken world to be better than it was before. Soon, the world became beautiful, and all was well. The people named their new world.. Oraedu.
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• Do you like literate roleplay? • Do you fancy the way people used to live back in the good old days? • And, most importantly, are you a fan of Bioshock series?