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Gaming | Art
This server is a community hub to find new friends to play with, we mostly play on league of legends and path of exile and minecraft while hanging out in the voice rooms! join us if you're looking for fun drama free people to hang out with !
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Community | Gaming
ESO, WoW, Diablo, and PoE gaming community discord server. Looking for more folks to enjoy mature gaming environment with.
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Community | Gaming
Clem Cult Clan is an English speaking gaming community that offers a fun and exciting experience not only to clan/guild members, but to others as well! Feel free to stay with us and hang out.
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Gaming | Community
GAEA is a Greek-themed, South East Asian PC gaming community.
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Gaming | LGBT
My name is Robin and i am the Creator/Founder of the Hack, Slash, Loot, Repeat! (ex ARPG Paradise) Discord/Community. I am trying hard and my very best to make a big and great Community for all things ARPG/Hack and Slash. It will be a place for fellow ARPG/HnS fans and gamers to discuss/Play the game in question, Find groups, Trading, Selling, Share builds and videos, Discuss Patches and updates and meet other people and fans in general! Also of course, Having fun and supporting the ARPG/HnS community and said games! So i guess you wonder what games are we talking about exactly here? What games are supported within "Hack, Slash, Loot, Repeat!". Well for starters there is support for Titan Quest, Torchlight 1/2/3, Grim Dawn, Diablo 1/2/3 (4 when it releases), Last Epoch, Warhammer Chaosbane, Warhammer Martyr/Prophecy Wolcen Lords Of Mayhem, Sacred 1/2/3, Path Of Exile, Killsquad, Gauntlet, Vikings wolves of midgard, Chronicon and Hero Siege, and many more!
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Programming | Gaming
Server is for the App Flipping Calc for the game Path of Exile
Gaming | Anime
Тук играим кот ни се играе , държим да се спазват правилата иначе бан. Правилата са супер прости : 1. Дръжте се като хора (което означава, без обиди , без да се правите на интересни и без интриги) 2. Без гнусотии в чат стаите Това е !
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Gaming | Community | Role-Playing
•Low ELO League of legends community. •Minecraft server based off Diablo II and Path of Exile. . •Other games such as Stellaris and Dead by Daylight. •New TTRPG section featuring D&D (Dungeons and Dragons)