Gaming | Community
A large, yet friendly, Minecraft survival server community.
Beliefs | Hobbies
This server, what is this server? A hub, a place to grow, a place to succeed. Now this server barely has rules run wild run free. This server is the conjunction of every supernatural community. Where all is accepted and cherished. This server conjoins every part of every supernatural community whether it be Kinetics, Subliminal Users, Mages, Witches, Mythicals, Respawners, and more. We accept all, no need to hide in small servers anymore as this is a peaceful and chill place. Join and we can teach you how to get REAL powers, how to enhance your life and how to utilize the power of the Law of Attraction [LOA], Subconscious Mind, Subliminals, Astral Projection and much more!
Community | Entertainment
This is the first fully democratic server on discord with the most unique and realistic moderation system in place. This server is very secure from raids and especially bots.
Anime | Gaming
Gaming & Anime Besides that? a Kind Family! PG-13*
Social | Community
A server dedicated to sleeping! Come relax with fellow tiered people. There is rooms to listen to audio while you sleep, or general sleeping lounges. Come hang out and fall asleep!
Art | Furry
The Closed Species (R)Evolution server is made for people who are against the extremely unfair and restrictive rules as well as the high paywall in some closed species communities as well as their inaccessibility. Our server hosts a peaceful movement where we make it okay to draw "Fan OC's" in the art community for those who cannot pay to join the respective closed species community or simply don't want to join because they're against the rules but still would like to have a character of the species! In the server, we do not hate closed species, and we aren't moving along with our movement to spite them or spit in their faces. We are here to say that things in the art community have gone downhill and there needs to be a change, and by joining the server, you will become a light in the art community that joins with us to push everything to change for the better!
Social | Community
This is Far Out Vibe club and we are here to offer the best possible vibe zone you can find! We are a very peaceful and happy orientated server! It is brand new so help us grow! Cannabis and psychedelics are very allowed in here as well, its all about that spiritual happiness!