Gyms, E4, Champ, with events and a draft league we are open to suggestions and growing. We use showdown, not pokecord.
A Pixelmon Server looking for players who would like to be apart of an amazing community! Giveaways, Activity and more!
Discord voltado para o famoso game Minecraft. Servidores com mods como pixelmon e dragon block c. Venha já fazer parte da nossa família!!!
Multi Minecraft Server Community bringing people together for a great gaming experience.
We are bunch of gamers that are focused on creating an amazing gaming community that hosts multiple games and is full of awesome people.
Always on the latest stable version of Pixelmon.
We are a brand new server focused on the ideals of what it takes to be a positive and constructive community. We are here to build each other up, regardless of where we are in the world or who we are as a person. Good vibes only please! We are not too strict, but if your intent is obviously to troll or cause chaos for others because you have nothing better to do, you will be swiftly removed from the server. If you want to just kick back after a long day and talk about literally anything, then maybe play a game or two, this is the server for you!
A Pixelmon Reforged Survival Server - Pokemon Minecraft!
A server that is made for adults by adults. We focus on the social aspect of living. A place where you can become a friend, or make new ones. From anything to gaming to politics, to an adult Self-Posted NSFW section, and even an SFW art section. Newly created, we hope you enjoy our server!
Uma comunidade legal, que esta em crescimento, temos chats para jogar, um server de pixelmon, pokecord, waifubot e estamos aceitando constantes sugestões
Regular Events and Giveaways║Lures║PokeStops║Boosters║AuraTokens║GTS Dex Rewards║BottleCaps║Ranks║Adventure Maps║BattleTower║Raids(Coming soon) 16+NPC GYMS║Tons of Custom Pokemon║WonderTrade║Clans(coming soon)
Welcome to our official community discord for the NeoPixelmon! I hope our server provides space for all discussions within our community as well as an easy way to request for help and communicate with each other Make sure all content is discussed in the correct channels. (We are beta testing)
Originally made in april of 2019 but was recreated in October of 2019.