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Economics, Politics, Finance, Stock, Crypto, Religion, Free Speech, Polls, Roles, and suggestions could be added!
Political | Social
The official Discord server of Volt Europa, the pan-European, progressive political party and movement, focused on changing the way politics is done and shaping the future of Europe. Progressive - Pragmatic - Pan-European | #VoteVolt ✌️
Community | Support
fibromyalgia, invisible illness group
Community | Streaming | Gaming
A server dedicated for my twitch! Join the community and gain access to server games and twitch benefits as you level up!
Anime | Social
Hey just come and hang out we're a new server and looking for staff.
Community | Gaming
We have all sorts of things for you to talk about, find roles that interest you, abuse bots, make friends, and etc.
Gaming | Social
Perfect server to meet new friends, or even talk to people you already know! Mods, and regular members all have an equal voice through the polls he have. And if that wasn't enough, we (The mods) have been saving up for a giveaway to each member if the server reaches 100 members! Become the first to join!