Community | Gaming
This is a really cool gaming server where you can talk with people, advertise, show off art, play with people, and even more! It is being updated constantly so far too!
Furry | Community
A furry community server that focuses on positivity! We have: -Manual gate system -Reaction roles -Hobby rooms (Art/Gaming/Fursuiting/Photography/etc) -Friendly staff -Meme channels -Sheri bot -Roleplaying rooms -(very small) NSFW section If you choose to join, we hope you enjoy your stay :3
Gaming | Meme
Small community that enjoys free or cheap games. -Active members -16 bots -XP Roles -Fun Bots, Music Bots -50 server emojis -50 server gifs -Actively hosting giveaways
Community | Social
Welcome to the Space Station - a place where tired explorers put down their suits and relax for a while, whether it be for a few days or a lifetime.
YouTuber | Entertainment
Just Some Bigfoot With Internet Access
Gaming | Art
Gaming community full of giveaways and art commissions and art giveaways and FUN
Community | Social
Welcome to Socialcord, a general community server where you can meet new people and discuss different hobbies!
Gaming | eSports
Godly Gamer Gang is a fun gaming server to talk about your favourite games and join in with tournaments!
Community | Music
Despiction is a server for those who thirst for dating, music, friendly community, level up rewards, reaction roles, and just a place to chill. In our server we have friendly staff. Fun and easy going members. We even have a specific channel for NSFW for you naughty people. 😋💧He have tons of fun bots and level up rewards. We have QOTDs too. Those are always fun. This server is a really cool server always being updated and we are taking suggestions. We are positive you will bond with someone and find something entertaining. We also have memes! Hey, YOU should join! Everyone from everywhere is welcomed. We are pretty open about our rules. Meaning we don't have many, the ones we do are pretty easy to follow. You should join, you can always leave whenever you want but we guarantee you will love the people and server!