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Rainbow Freeroam & RP is a FiveM server
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Welcome to Underhaven! Diving into the degenerate backwash of the internet, news, and entertainment!
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We are the Leading PC RDR2 Community. Our server has very experienced dev's whom have owned servers with over 50k+. Our goal is to create a community where the pc players of rdr2 can socialize and find others to roam the west with.
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We here at the Original RP (OGRP) strive to bring both the most unique and best possible Role-Play experience to our members. First and foremost this means providing a safe, fun, and pleasant environment to both new and returning players. The most important aspect of our community lies with the atmosphere and positive vibes we focus so strongly on here at OGRP. This means each member is welcomed with open arms, respect, and understanding. We welcome all new and experienced RP players to join OGRP, and it is through each of you that we continue to grow and expand our mission here. If you are searching for a "home away from home" and a community that is more like a family, than this is the place for you. Please reach out to any of our Core members for more information and to assist with any questions. We welcome all of you and thank you for choosing The OGRP Community!
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Wanna talk about Bully? Want some help setting the game up? Just wanna chat? Then you've got it! Come here to talk to some guys, talk about Bully, and have some damn fun!