Hobbies | Social
We need all the manpower we can find so we can find this thing.
Community | Entertainment
This Discord is all about having slightly homoerotic conversations with friends about life and occasions sharing Tik Tok videos
Anime | Gaming
My personal gaming server. 707 This is where I chill with people and get to meet people, namely to hangout and meet. I also draw, do youtube videos, discuss offtopic things (eg. politics, culture, government, memes, game of thrones, etc.). Come and join if you wanna talk and meet!!
Technology | Community
Own a lot of Internet domains or just fascinated by how the Internet works? We're domain enthusiasts that collect, sell/auction, trade, and build products on domains. Discover the best and cheapest places to register domains across all TLDs.
Community | Social
JOJO, video games, e-girls, and more!
Technology | Science
Simply Engineered is a technological hub for all things software, hardware, bleeding-edge, and more, with everyone included as well. We have multiple ranks, but are just starting out. We believe in bringing each other to the top, teaching those that are interested, and providing knowledge to everyone.
Streaming | YouTuber
Welcome to Underhaven! Diving into the degenerate backwash of the internet, news, and entertainment!
Community | Art
If you're an introvert internet addict, this server is probably perfect for you.
Entertainment | Meme
Hello We are a brand new server for people who like TIktok
Gaming | Technology
---ExiledVPN is a service providing VPNs that are optimized for gaming and DDoS protection. ---We really do value the high speed internet of our users and that is why we have multiple servers so you can get a better connection. ---I see growth in our near future and I would love to see more and more people using ExiledVPN as we provide a price that is almost unmatchable! ---Join our discord today to either just check us out and our gaming community or to purchase your very on spot on ExilvedVPN.
Community | Technology
Welcome to DOTI. This server was made for the sole purpose of archiving and observing the weird and creepy side of the internet. Here, we solve internet mysteries and dive deep into the web, from unexplainable photos and videos, to sketchy websites and individuals. Join now!