Gaming | Art
**----------------------------------** Sleep Walkers **----------------------------------** A community built around the PS4 game "Dreams", the purpose of the server is to build a community that can reach out to other players and find collaborators for any and all things they are creating! Here's a list of what we have: **Streamer/Content Creator Support** **Looking For Collaborators Channels** **Self Assignable Roles for Specialties** **Music Channels** **Creation Parties** **Events** **And More!** Come by and share your creations with us!
Gaming | Social
A simple discord server with the intent for people who are fans of the 2008 video game, Spore.
Art | Social
Fractal Highlands is an Art centered server with a strong focus on positivity and lifting each other up. This is a place to share your art/creations and inspiration, receive/give critique and help each other get better at what we love. All art is welcome, there are members who make music, anime fan art, psychedelic art, mandalas, acrylic paintings, digital art, photo manipulation, and we would love to have more creative people join. Feel free to join if you are just starting art and need guidance, or are already a professional and want to help others we have people from all stages of artistry.
Art | Community
Graphic designer community, share and create !
Community | Education
friendly creation unusual active premium bots
Role-Playing | Programming
This server aids in the development of RPG Builder Bot, which allows users to run RPG games through discord, with unique features and custom settings.
eSports | Gaming
We are here to communicate & inform entrepreneurs, business owners and investors about Esports & Gaming.
Music | Streaming
Welcome, you've just joined the server of the music collective "ReGeNn". This collective aims to create music together. I am the creator of the collective and I will take care of the instrumental and you, you may have been lucky to be chosen to sing on this music.
Gaming | Community
Wir bieten euch viele Channel zum unterhalten und sind momentan am aufbauen eines Gaming-Server-Netzwerks. Falls ihr Interesse habt uns zu helfen, meldet euch bei den Ownern Privat oder im Bewerbungschannel!
Community | Gaming
This server is designed to help content creators, big or small! If you are looking for some free advertisement and a nice community to be part of, this is the server for you.
Hobbies | Growth
SureDroid is a community of creators ranging wide from artists, developers, music produces, and writers. Ever found yourself working on a project or piece, but nowhere to talk about it? Here's a place to show off your talent, chat about the latest news in the industry, or get feedback on improving. Even if you aren't a creator, feel free to stop by and chat.
Art | Music
A community to share things you make, or to look at what others make. Can be programs, drawings, photographs, or just anything else that you can make. Or just chat, that's fine too.
Art | Music
Un serveur Discord français pour tous ceux qui aiment créer ! Que vous fassiez de l'art, de la musique, du cinéma ou que vous créiez toute autre sorte de contenu, tous les artistes sont les bienvenus !
Community | Art
Ce discord a pour but de réunir @Youtubeurs @Streamers @Viewers @Dessinateurs @WebRadio @Graphistes @Écrivains @Musiciens @Chanteurs pour améliorer la qualité du contenu sur internet. Vous trouverez donc ici différents types de salons pour vous aider à collaborer entre vous, à vous entraider, vous donner des idées etc..
Community | Hobbies
A server for literally anything you can imagine. Come and be one of the first to build up this community. Regular events planned.
Art | Design
Share what you've been working on with others
Music | Art
Serveur pour découvrir régulièrement de nouveaux morceaux, groupes, albums, styles et genres de musique actuelle.
Community | Social
The master here. I am a star among stars, I am looking for loyal followers and worthy allies to help me win my battle against the celebrities of this world.
Social | Meme
We are a meme/banter page with a theme of a road life pingu. Even though we are mainly for memes and bants we have many other channels such as music, a category for creation so you can upload your art, photography and videos. Join there might be something for you!
Community | Programming | Growth
Hate WordPress? 😡 Looking to start your own website for your Discord Server? 👀 - Who are we? - We are a small team of web developers working on a project to help more people create websites with modern technologies; without the common headaches and problems of WordPress. 🌼