Community | Hobbies
If you have a problem, you can reporting in ticket, channel report or in dm.
Gaming | Social
This server is an romanian gaming/fun server. On this server you can play games, chat with cleverbot, chat with people, make some new friends and more. Please, if you are not from Romania or you don't know romanian, you can speak english, not other languages, because we can't understand, only if you speak with another friend/guy from the same country. If you need help, you can contact us or go to "help" category.
Anime | Gaming
We are a server full of antisocial kids, so antisocial that no one is even talking LMAO
Gaming | Role-Playing
This is a FiveM discord server for roleplay, we have unique features like robbing stores. We have factions like police and swat. We do events and giveaways too.
Gaming | Social
O comunitate romana bazata pe socializare
Community | Meme
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Language | Education
We are looking for Romanian learners from around the world to join our server and engage in discussions about Romania and its lovely language.
Gaming | Community
the discord server of a fellow top 100 osu player. even though this is an osu player's server, this server isn't entirely focused on osu. we do enjoy other topics and games. so yea feel free to join kthxbai
Gaming | Community
Acest server incercam sa fie unul al unei viitoare mare comunitati! Pe acesta avem tot ce se poate si ne dorim sa fim cat mai multi!
A chill server for pooters, romanians and everyone else. Come and join the pootPooters! (but dont spam pls)