Anime | Role-Playing
Start youre adventure and become the strongest pirate the world has ever seen. Or do you wanna hunt pirates as a marine member or as a bounty hunter? Well thats up to you. Its a one piece based roleplay server with fan talk and much more. What do we offer: -random devil fruit spawning system -random smile fruit spawning system -design youre character -make a crew -a personal ship -a money system -haki system -give aways and events and much more... come and join today:
Social | Anime
This is an anime/manga server. Talk about shonens and games like Persona with your fellow weebs! This is a degen only chat XD. Join my crew!
Anime | Community
Sur ce serveur, vous y retrouverez une communauté passionné par le Manga (culture Pop et geek)
Anime | Art
Bienvenue sur le serveur ↬Grαρh' Aηim'↫ ! Un serveur Chill pour les graphistes, les fans d'anime, Ceux qui s'ennuient, Tout le monde quoi! Sur ce serv' on est tous des potes !
Anime | Community
One Piece server theme; we gather all the fans of this story in a place where you can join factions, participate in weekly polls, test your knowledge in trivias every week and have a chapter discussion up to date!