Gaming | Music
Discord Movie Universe -This is a movie public community server for all movies and hangout! We watch all types of movies, but we also have voice calls for any show you like! We have a variety of text and voice channels to chill in and just talk. There is something for everyone in this server, so you won't feel secluded. • Music text and vc • Multiple gaming voice chats • Chill community to hang out with • Movie Channel • Show Channel • Wholesome meme chats • Great emotes What are ya waiting for? Come on in!
Entertainment | Community
A community for Netflix users to find new shows / movies, catch-up on the latest from Netflix's social medias, share speculations on what might happen next in shows / movies, meet new people, and so much more!
Entertainment | Hobbies
Welcome to the Starshit Enterprise, a Star Trek server for general discussion, ship talk, headcanons and fan work. This server is 100% inclusive and toxic free, we all just want to have a good time and talk about Star Trek!
Social | Entertainment
Hello and welcome to the Stranger Things Fan Server 😃 In this server we can chat about ST and other things. We got a couple of useful bots to keep you entertained! I'll see you on the other side!
Streaming | Community | Entertainment
We are a community that unites fans of many Shows, Movies and Anime What we Offer: - Free Streaming of thousands of movies, shows, or anime - Raffles: Steam Game Giveaways - Custom Bot - Channels to discuss spoilers and content
Entertainment | Anime
Love watching Netflix? Just got into show binging? Everyone's here sharing their favorite shows and movies, join in. * This server also entails Netflix support, Netflix social media feeds, Netflix reviews, information, and a spoilers chat.
Anime | Streaming
Want to watch anime shows and or movies?? Join here to watch anything from classic anime the latest movies and shows!!
Community | Entertainment
Recommendation community is your hang out spot for discussions related to your favourite Movies, Shows, Docs, Animes, Music and more. Being in the server also means you get to be a part of fun activities and Giveaways we conduct.
Social | Entertainment
This server is part of, a central hub/calendar/discord covering all events happening in VRChat, large to small.
Gaming | Social
A discord server where you can play bot games like pokemon and rpgs with channels to talk with other people still need some work but with people could help
Community | Entertainment
A friendly sfw k-drama based server! You will be able to easily make friends, and feel comfortable!