Community | Gaming
A server for playing word games in like the ones you find in Internet forums. There's role rewards for reaching certain levels. We have Groovy, Dank Memer, Idle Miner, Mudae and PokeMeow. A birthday role and announcement if you register your birth date (month and day) with the bot. Skribblio, too.
Gaming | Hobbies
mk2 4 life
Gaming | Community
We play many games such as, Cards against humanity, Uno and more in a party game like setting.
Entertainment | Gaming
Discord server for Lily's twitch stream! League/Valorant/Skribblio
Community | Entertainment
Social | Community
A SFW server for making friends in. Many topic channels to express yourself in. Internet-forum-style word games. Many bots to play with. A birthday role and announcement if you register your birthday with the bot. 35 username colors to choose from.
Entertainment | Community
Movie nights, karaoke, voice impressions, gaming, Mario party, CRYING. SAD BOY HOURS. let us love you
Art | Gaming
( ゚▽゚)/
Gaming | Art
We host Pokemon themed games randomly and hope new people will join! All 8 gens have been added including gmax and mega Pokemon. We also have game nights where we play other free games, such as Among Us.