This is a nice server guys ok so join XDDDD
A small server where gamers ,furries and, weebs can get along and chat aswell as roleplay, and listen to music.
An amazing memez server... enjoy!
We are a roblox/minecraft server that features anime stuff and maybe we'll add other games :). You can also gain artist role..
memes, gaming, chilling basically
this is a safe spot for girls to talk and have fun! Meet new people, talk about anything in the appropriate channels, and we'll even matchmake for you.
A Legitimate giveaway server where we do not support invite rewards or any of the type! We just ask for your participation!
Hello Fellow Minecrafters I NathanTheDuck aka @Duckyy Has Teamed With Some People to make a minecraft server we have decided to name it PlexCraft PlexCraft Will Include The Following ✦ Survival ✦ Skyblock ✦ Prison ✦ Factions The Server Ip Is Play.Plex-Craft.Com The Store is Invite To Discord -Owner NathanTheDuck