YouTuber | Meme
A server to test out bot's features and make tutorials for other users :) [P.S reals users may not join :( ]
Meme | Social
Self explanatory, just don't be a word i cant say otherwise ill get banned.
Gaming | Social
Gaming | Community
Hello everyone ! we don't have a million member but if you'r someone who's searching for a server with ppl online and educated persons to have fun with and get to know them this is the right place for you. Also we have everything you need on a server ! . VC . Music . helpful Bots . and more !..
this is an dumb server where we talk/chat anyone can join *we are an anarchy server so aslong as you dont piss off anyone with a higher rank then you do whatcha want.we also have the groovy bot for music, pokébot for pokemon and the DANK MEMER bot. you will have to be prepared to get to join many idiots tho ... like me ... now join >XD
Anime | Gaming
A chill server with less rules than sane people and more channels than human souls.
Hobbies | Gaming
Honestly this is more or less an opossum and animal posting discord with a slice of memes, sports, and anime.
Gaming | Social
We game, chill and have a great day. No gay ass mods fucking you up for no reason or a bit of cursing.
Social | Community
We're a small but growing group of chill people looking for more to vibe with.
Entertainment | Community
agente fez com o bot xenon, n avisa q ta copiado de outro server pls '-'... mais esse servidor tem o foco de ter Conversa, diversão e etc... porem nos iremos dar o melhor atendimento para você e o server sempre está aberto para vc!
Hey, welcome to idk. this server is about chill or any talents or really for anyone of any type chill, listen to music make videos who cares have fun! idk.
Community | Entertainment
BOB is a discord server with mostly fans of bob , who is BOB? a space program in a game invented by Talkface , owner : Formulesyfe and don't panic , BOB is not only in a game : it's everything , it's god , taxes , wages , houses , your life , your sould , BOB is everything ! you can also join if you don't like bob ! we don't only talk about bob !