A server based around The Sims and The Sims Wiki! Anyone is welcome to join, and any appropriate discussion topic is welcome!
Simmers on Discord is a friendly community. We've been together for long, we are LGBT friendly and we love playing The Sims.
A place to discuss challenges written for the various Sims games. Share blog entries. Ask Sims related questions.
This is a server where you can discuss The Sims! We have channels for all Sims games, not just free play, so feel free to join. We also commonly take suggestions and have active moderators. We are a very friendly community! All Simmers welcomes <3
Alles was mit Horrgys Stream auf Twitch und Youtube zu tun hat. Natürlich können wir auch einfach nur über alles Mögliche reden, was nichts damit zu tun hat. Kommt rein und habt Spass. 😀👍
FreeSO (“Free Simulator Online”) is a reimplementation of The Sims Online™’s game engine, using C# and Monogame. TSO is a Massively Multiplayer Online version of The Sims "1" edited by EA and developed by Maxis.
This server serves as a general community based around The Sims, as well as related services/software that we provide for game mods.
A sims discord server for simmers and content creators!
This server has everything from reference and walkthroughs to party schedules and showcase channels. Whether you're a veteran or a newbie, level 12 or level 50, we'll be glad to have you come hang out! You can join 20k+ other mobile Simmers in our group on Facebook also!