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Tokyo Ghoul: Black Night- This is the Tokyo Ghoul Black Night Rp Discord server We are currently trying to grow out community and give everyone a Tokyo ghoul rp server to have fun on you can be a ghoul or CCG we also have section heads who will control wards. we give everyone a equal opportunity.
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🗼 東京都民が集う雑談サーバーです。 23区・多摩26市・西多摩郡・島嶼部。 地元の話題や雑談、ラーメンについて語り合いましょう。 🈁 RAMEN DISCORDと連結した東京鯖なのだ (`・ω・´)キリッ
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Our server is set in a universe of the Tokyo Ghoul fandom where the canon characters don’t exist in this current universe, so get your creativity out and show us those original characters! We have many channels to offer that aim to welcome all kinds of people and create a safe haven for everyone.
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Tokyo: Neon Nights is a revitalized and renewed version of the late server Tokyo. Blending the old with the new, Tokyo: Neon Nights offers a chill experience with a cyberpunk theme.
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Wir sind ein deutscher Anime Server der sich um Anime und Tokyo dreht, Gaming ist natürlich auch dabei.😁 Wir würden uns sehr freuen wenn du kommst und du wirst sicher etwas finden das dir gefällt😄😄😁😁
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Hello and Welcome !! cafe tokyo is a server full of chill people that just happen to be learning Japanese! We're aiming to build a growing but close-knit family to hangout and learn with. We have a lot of japanese resources and text channels to help you achieve your goals!