Lore: Set in a period where humanity were on it's wits end on how to combat this monstrous threat, the CCG were formed as a means of defense against the rising epidemic. The Ghouls have been progressing in terms of their presence and strength, taking lives whenever they felt the desire to feed off the innocent. So far the chances to actually combat the terrifying and ever so growing forces of ghouls have been seen as slim to none in the eyes of the public. Brilliant minds of the CCG are trying to find a way to combat the epidemic, which will as a result further prepare them for the gruesome challenges that await. But behind the great tree that the CCG is presented as, there is a "warped root" beneath it. The mystery of uncovering the truth behind the senseless slaughters on both sides will be up to you, the ghoul or investigator who take arms to defend what you believe is right...and vanquish what you believe is wrong.
[FR] Tokyo Ghoul Serious RP | La Domination l [Alpha] Informations : Bonsoir Et à tous Le serveur et enfin ouvert pour venir il suffit de voir l'IP et de venir il est en beta test il est à 15 places pour vous joueur. C'est pour voir si il tien sa place pour le manga RP pour voir. Nous voulons de bon joueurs pour notre serveur. [Colletions]- https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1895980242 IP -
This server is based in an alternate universe of the Tokyo Ghoul timeline meaning there are no characters from the series and none of the events from the series have happened. While none of the events that took place within the series will occur here, we will most likely have similar events that give the same effects. Characters here are completely custom but the timeline and backstory behind the lore is pretty much the same with a few minor twists.
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**__¡ï·☕·ï¡・⸕绳 ⎳'αηтєιкυ 绳⸔・¡ï·☕·ï¡__** *『 Ce serveur a pour but de poster les nouveaux épisodes de plusieurs animés différents, et de rassembler les personnes voulant elles aussi rencontrer de nouvelles personnes 』* Regarde la description complète du serveur pour plus d'infos !
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A recent rising ghoul faction called the Shi no han'i has recently claimed the 7th Ward and has began to attempt to take over the Sharrusuk 12th Ward. While this happens though the CCG has began to recruit more as the rising ghoul power grows. As of now the 20th Is neutral and possibly the safest ward in which a new surge has arrived there.
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