Gaming | Tabletop
The official Discord of the Cycle and Dredge podcast network. All gaming, all geekdom, all the time!
Community | Programming
A server for people who work in fields of technology. Flexible server, new channels, services, bots, emoji are created or included according to community needs. All technical discussions are welcomed.
Technology | Programming
VULNIX is a friendly server with good, trusty friends. People here are filled with knowledge and enthusiasm. We are looking for people who are interested in "The World of Binary and Bytes" i.e, the world of technology. We are currently a small server trying our best to grow, and make friends online.
Anime | Meme
We just tryna chill with people.
Community | Art
Welcome to The Artsy Geeks. This server is meant to gather some artsy geeks. Yeah, really. It was all in the title. The aim is to make a place where you can discuss about whatever art you are into and organize social events.
Community | Social
A server catering to all ages, shapes and sizes of Discord. We are trying to build a community of awesome people! So if you are awesome, you belong here! Check us out!
Community | Social
Welcome to FRIENDS! A server catering to both the young and the old. Join us and make some new friends and be part of a wholesome community!
Community | LGBT
The Ghouls Resort is a chill and relaxed community with people of all ages and backgrounds. We are an SFW and LGBTQIA friendly server where you can feel comfortable discussing whatever you wish!
Community | Technology
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