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Kindness Helping people Gaming & streaming
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A Discord server for viewers of Rikaxnipah's channel!
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Community Discord for | have fun and make friends!
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a piece of content intended to induce a viewer, reader, or listener to perform a specific act, typically taking the form of an instruction or directive. Only test.
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Seja muito bem vindo ao server B4ckstabber. Aqui você irá encontrar muita gente divertida para poder fazer novas amizades, compartilhar memes engraçados, encontrar uma galerinha dahora pra jogar uns joguinhos e acompanhar minhas lives na twitch. Sinta-se acolhido e abraçado por todos e espero que nos divertamos muito por aqui! (Y) <3
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JellyTV`s Streaming Discord
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☆New Server for TWITCH STREAMER HIGHONPIKACHU☆ Hai Hai! ^-^ I'm Lady Kaiyo or HighOnPikachu. I'm Shy, Fun, Passionate, Nerdy and very very Flirty. I LOVE making people laugh and smile. Males and Females come come :D
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We are a gaming community that mainly play Overwatch competitive we look to help people, coach and improve other's skill and help them climb rank.
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The official discord for
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Welcome to DoctaThic’s Discord. Doc is a modern day elite gamer that dominates children of all ages in Call of Duty. He wasn’t always a god though… Way back in the day, when Doc started his career on Black Ops 1, with a small size cock length of 6 and a half inches, he too was bullied and abused in COD game chat. He would get frustrated, ragequit, and proceed to cry himself to sleep each and every night. Through dedication, perseverance, and willpower, thic became one of the most dominate gamers in the Call of Duty community. If you’d like to check him out live, Doc streams on Twitch every night except Wednesdays and Saturdays. @DoctaThic on Twitch.