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Welcome to what's left of society. After the villains took over the world this was the only place that heros can somewhat save, most of them died trying to fight against the new rule only a few remain and have gone into hiding. The place is now in anarchy, chaos and death everywhere you turn. Where do you stand in this? Are you one of the remaining heros, trying to rally up enough people to start rebellions? Are you a civillian where you don'y mind which way it plays out so long as you survive? Or a student perhaps, yes school is still open, training people who offer to be apart of their army to crush rebellion? Or are you the most dangerous ones, a villain? Top of the food chain after years of trying to overcome it all. You only get what you make of it here. This is an OC only server but we allow you to take canon quirks if you want, we also have our own point system to detemine grades and money, etc. Come and stay for a while and have fun!
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Our store takes place 10 years after season 3 of my hero academia in henka city... Henka city is a massive city spanning many miles in all directions. And is home to many people of verying types from heros to villains to citizens. This city is where the entirety of our rp takes place, within a land form created by tectonic disruptions 100 years prior to our story.. it has since become a great tourist destination aswell as standing as a great trqining location due to the terrains that have been created via humanities manscaping. It rests on the island of tsuihō. or remnance in English. Unknown to the general populas within the dark sides of this Glorious city a group of villains have been at work no the next generation with their own school. Raising them to carry on the title of villain. Will you defeat evil or embrace it. Its all up to you. As there IS no 'Winning side' here.. things could lean towards the hero, or just as easily
Fallen Wings is an urban fantasy RP group featuring superpowered and normal humanoids. The group is set in a city operated by AdvancedTech, a technology firm which has hidden motives. Rated 16+ due to violence and profanity. We are always looking for new members and we have only just opened our doors to new members. + All roleplayers of all skill levels are welcome. + Exciting Events + Art Channel + Meme Channel + Non-Fandom based + LGBTQA+ friendly + No NFSW content We are looking for partners too.
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Roleplay city of hero villains