Gaming | Programming
A server about modding the game Watch_Dogs and its sequel Watch_Dogs 2, as well as a collection of publicly available mods, tutorials and tools.
Role-Playing | Gaming
Welcome to the Br0ken F1rew4ll, a rp that is set 5 years after Watch Dogs 2, where CTos 4.0 is out of its beta phase and Dedsec is no more, will yoi be a hacker or someone that wants hackers gone for good, see you on the other side [Dels1n.exe has shut off]
Anime | Gaming
Hey there! You like anime or gaming? Then this is the server for you! We have a nice and growing community and you can be one of us! We also have some extra features, like games, memes or an anime-recommendation forum! The members on our server are from all over the world which means that many languages are spoken here, but don't worry, the main language is still English. Have fun!
Gaming | Social
We are group aiming to grow the new Watch Dogs Legion community beginning with a server full of over 30 active members We offer the ability to join friends, chat, and make Free Roam groups. Support the resistance- and our server too
Community | Entertainment
watch dogs fandom server, we like gaming and lots of other things, we would appreciate if you joined.